Dr. Marina Rose

About Dr. Marina Rose

After receiving her chiropractic degree Dr. Marina Rose became certified as a Clinical Nutritionist. She has completed hundreds of hours of study in courses related to Functional Medicine, Enzyme Nutrition, Women’s Health, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and the Nutritional Management of health disorders. Dr. Rose studied with Jeffrey Bland and became a principal practitioner under Dr. Howard Loomis, THE leader in the clinical use of plant enzymes. Rather than have patients fly in from out of state to see her, or flying out to teach practitioners, her focus is on creating programs that are accessible via the web and by phone.

Dr. Marina Rose Founder of TEND Wellness

When we listen to our bodies within a framework of basic science, anatomy and physiology – those messages turn from confusion to empowerment - we truly become Super Heroes on our journey to RESTORE HEALTH.

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