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Depression and The Pill | Can Holistic Health Care Help?

If you are one of the millions of women that take the pill ever day, this blog post is for you! The pill can have serious side effects, one major one being depression. Holistic health care may be able to offer support for side effects from the pill. Or if you’re on the pill for other symptoms, holistic health care may provide alternatives options.

Monitoring Your Body

If you’ve noticed a change in your moods since starting on the birth control pill, you’re not alone. According to a 2005 study from Australia’s Monash University, women on the birth control pill had a higher risk of depression than the control group. In fact, doctors who prescribe the pill are advised to monitor women with a history of depression on the pill for signs of severe depression.


For many women, the risk of side effects of the birth control pill is outweighed by the contraceptive benefit. But for women who take the pill for other symptoms, the case may not be so clear. The pill may make your symptoms seem better, but it fails to address underlying causes like hormone imbalance, as Dr. Christiane Northrup also voices. Holistic health care takes the approach of addressing the underlying causes of symptoms.


The Good News

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