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3 Weeks to Change Your Sleep

Finding it hard to get a couple hours of quality shuteye, let alone a full 8 hours? Well lucky for you there was a study conducted to determine ideal sleep durations for YOU and how to achieve it.

Determining YOUR ideal sleep duration

Ok so basically a th study conducted takes regular people and puts them in a “stimulation-free” environment for 14 to 24 hours each day and during this time they are monitored to measure there sleep quantity. What they found is that for the first 2 days they slept an average of 12 to 20 hours long! However, after the first two days of sleep basically all day the sleep times reduced and kept reducing until each individual leveled out to their ideal sleep time.  The average pretty much landed at 8 hours.

What they found was each individual reported having more energy and better mood levels!

What if I can’t sleep through the night?

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to try to get a “complete night’s sleep” for three weeks straight.


For the first week grab a journal and write down the time you go to sleep and the time you rise in the morning.

So that time is now your baseline. Next, try to go to sleep 30 minutes earlier and see if you can wake up in the morning without the help of your alarm clock.


After 3 weeks, how do you feel? Refreshed? Alert? Energized? Good, that how you should feel! Head over to Humanbenchmark to complete their reaction-time challenge.



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