Could Your “Upset Stomach” be a Gallbladder Symptom?

Do you get an upset stomach that comes and goes and sometimes lasts for hours?

You might be surprised to learn that your gallbladder can cause pain long before it becomes a candidate for surgery. Learn how to identify gallbladder problems and what to do about them.

Most people expect pain in the stomach and right shoulder to indicate gallbladder problems, but the truth is that a unhappy gallbladder can cause pain in either flank, the right or left side or in the center of the abdomen.

There are a lot of possible reasons for an “upset stomach”, so how do you know if it’s your gallbladder? For more clues, look for these other signs as well:

  • Pain that does not subside with passing gas
  • No improvement in the pain with position changes
  • Pain that begins an hour or two after meals

Dr. Marina Rose helps people with a wide variety of digestive symptoms  in and around the city of San Jose, CA. She finds that using a Functional Medicine approach,  identifying the underlying cause and addressing it through diet and supplements, can create dramatic improvement with digestive issues.

One important factor for women is to evaluate the use of birth control pills or other hormones since they do carry a significant risk of gallbladder disease. Using herbs to improve liver function, like dandelion and milk thistle, can be helpful in this case and are best used in conjunction with digestive enzymes that are high in lipase.

A practitioner of functional medicine, like Dr. Marina Rose, uses a combination of diet changes and supplements to improve gallbladder function.  Dr. Oz agrees that natural approaches can relieve gallbladder symptoms.

The good news is that you don’t have to keep struggling with digestive complaints. And you don’t have to wait until it’s so bad that you need gallbladder surgery.

When you need natural solutions for digestive symptoms, find out if Functional Medicine has the answer you’re looking for.

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  • Mary Botham

    Reply Reply September 28, 2013

    Interesting that those pesky weeds in my yard will help my tummy feel better! This is really useful information. I want my body to be fully functional so that I can do all the cool things I want to do. Thanks Dr. Rose!

    • Marina Rose

      Reply Reply September 30, 2013

      Yup, you could just dig out the dandelions and eat them. Although they are very bitter. Most of my patients find capsules or tinctures much easier 🙂

      • francie

        Reply Reply October 7, 2016

        I have a gallstone but it was only discovered thru a catscan for something else but I worry all the time over it …and today I have an upset stomach no pain but I instantly worry about my gallstone what can I do?

  • Linda Bertaut

    Reply Reply October 1, 2013

    Good info as usual! I just signed up for my discovery session with you. I wish we lived closer to each other.

  • Linda Bertaut

    Reply Reply October 1, 2013

    Oh, I forgot to mention Mary, that you can add the dandelions to your salad. A lot of people eat dandelion greens or add them to their morning green drink.

  • Marina Rose

    Reply Reply October 3, 2013

    Great, Linda, I look forward to talking with you. I work with people in different time zone so it’s ok that we don’t live close 🙂

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