Perimenopause Symptoms? | Change Your diet for the Better

Wouldn’t it be great if you could say goodbye to hot flashes, mood swings and all your other perimenopause symptoms? Well you can. Get started by making a few easy changes in your diet that can add up to big relief from your perimenopause symptoms.



Diet impacts your perimenopause symptoms in two major ways. First choosing the right foods can help your body break down and eliminate estrogens, helping you to have balanced hormones. Your diet can also help support your adrenal glands by giving your body the nutrients it needs to handle stress.



Dr. Marina Rose has helped women struggling with perimenopause symptoms to balance their hormones and feel better. She practices in and around the city of Los Altos, CA.



To support your body’s elimination of excess estrogen, focus on getting enough fiber. Estrogen is metabolized in the liver and eliminated through the colon, so fiber is important to keep things moving so estrogen is not reabsorbed. Nutrients found in fermented foods like sauerkraut and miso help your body to break down estrogen in the liver.



Getting the right nutrients for helping your body to handle stress is critical to your well-being when you are dealing with perimenopause symptoms. Your adrenal glands get triggered by a drop in blood sugar so make sure you avoid eating refined foods (like soda, pasta, pancakes, cookies, cake…) which can cause your blood sugar to spike then crash.

Your adrenal glands need good quality protein and Vitamin C to stay healthy. Try an egg scrambled with brightly colored veggies like peppers and tomato. You’ll get the protein, the vitamin C and it’s much easier on your blood sugar than a cup of coffee and a bagel.  Dr. Christiane Northrup agrees that adrenal exhaustion can contribute to perimenopause symptoms.



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