Dad’s Eyes and Mom’s Gallbladder Symptoms | Are Gallstones Hereditary?

We thank our families for many blessings passed along in the family tree, from good looks to intelligence.

But we’re also reminded that not everything we inherit is desirable when we begin to fill out a medical history at the doctor’s. Risks for cancer and heart disease are known to run in the family.

But is the risk for developing gallbladder symptoms hereditary?


Gallbladder symptoms are a surprisingly common health concern, with estimates of up to 10% of the American population affected by gallstones. Many more have gallbladder symptoms that are not properly diagnosed. So what makes some people have gallbladder symptoms while others don’t?


The risk for developing gallbladder symptoms seems to be carried in families. A closely related family member with painful gallstones may mean you are more likely to experience them as well. A mutation has been found on the gene ABCG8, a gene that controls the transport of cholesterol from the liver to the bile duct, which significantly increases the risk of developing gallstones.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC uses a Function Medicine approach to help people with gallbladder symptoms and other challenging, chronic health conditions in and around the city of Mountain View, CA.


The good news is that even if you have a family history, or the genetic mutation – it doesn’t mean you have to have gallbladder disease. Gallbladder symptoms are complex and often caused by many factors, including lifestyle choices. Dr. Andrew Weil agrees that lifestyle changes can positively impact gallbladder health. Having a thorough assessment with a Functional Nutrition practitioner can help you make the diet, supplement and lifestyle changes that will keep you from developing gallbladder symptoms.


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