Doing Everything Right and Still Feeling Blah?

Do you struggle with low energy?

Food cravings?  Your weight?  Stress?  Trouble sleeping?


Have you been to your medical doctor only to hear “your tests came back normal”?


That's frustrating, isn't it? When you're looking for help and instead you hear "there isn't a problem".


Well, here is some good news!


There is something wrong with you after all.


I'm only partly kidding.


If you could identify your underlying problem and find exactly what your body needs to get back on track, wouldn't that be a relief?


Is it your hormones? your digestion? your neurotransmitters?

Let’s find out.


Over my 18 years in practice I’ve helped many people rescue their vitality from the clutches of the Mind Drains and the Energy Zappers. I’m in awe of our ability to heal, bounce back, recover and rebuild stronger than ever – when we find the support we need.

One of my clients, Angie, went from having acne and feeling exhausted, depressed, overweight and craving sugar to happy, energetic and clear-skinned in just 3 months. As a bonus she also overcame insomnia and PMS.

She reached out for support at a time it would have been easier to hide. She learned to become her own Health Detective.

This is the work I live for: helping people reconnect with their amazing resilience.

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