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What’s the Best Diet? | 3 Simple Steps to Improving your Diet

Have you ever thought that if you just had that perfect diet all your health problems would disappear?

Do you often blame yourself for struggling with your mood, energy or weight?

I know most women want to be strong and do it on own. You feel like it’s your fault that you have health problems. You blame yourself for having low will-power. Well, DON’T!

I’ve seen women in my practice who literally have the perfect diet: no processed foods, no alcohol, lots of vegetables with some fruit, lean meat and grains.

And yet they still don’t feel well. They’re tired, but can’t sleep, they feel depressed or anxious and they have trouble losing weight.

The sad truth is that even if you follow all the guidelines of how to have a perfect diet you still won’t get the nutrients you need. As a recent article in the New York Times illustrates, over the last 100 years we have been  “Breeding the Nutrients Out of our Food”.  Large food growers want corn that is super sweet and has a long shelf life – not corn that is good for you health.

Follow these 3 Simple Secrets:

  • Choose brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Even with corn on the cob – the whiter it is, the fewer nutrients it has.

  • With greens – choose unmodified varieties like arugula, dandelion greens and red russian kale. Greens like romaine lettuce and even spinach, which is considered a superfood, have far fewer nutrients that the older varieties.

  • Include lots of fresh herbs – Italian parsley, cilantro and basil are easy to find in any store. You could even grow them in your yard or in pots.

This new research shows that even if you have “the perfect diet” you can’t get all the nutrients you need.

So stop trying to figure it out on your own and feeling guilty. Find out how to stop your cravings, balance your mood, and improve your energy with the use of targeted nutritional supplements to support your individual body. Click the link below to take our Nutritional Profile Quiz today and get your results immediately.


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