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Is H. Pylori Really the Cause of Acid Reflux Symptoms?

For the past 20 years medicine as been on a quest to eliminate the dreaded bacteria, H. Pylori.

In 1983 Australian scientists proposed that H. Pylori was the cause of peptic ulcers.  Studies showed that when people with acid reflux symptoms who tested positive for H. Pylori were treated with multiple antibiotics and anti-fungals that their symptoms improved.

And so the campaign to eradicate H. Pylori began. Unfortunately, new information reveals that those treatments may come with  serious long-term health complications such as inflammation, allergies and even asthma.

It is estimated that 30% of the US population as H. Pylori.

According to Michael Pollan in his recent New York Times article, “The microbe (H. Pylori) engages with the immune system, quieting the inflammatory response in ways that serve its own interests — to be left in peace — as well as our own. This calming effect on the immune system may explain why populations that still harbor H. pylori are less prone to allergy and asthma.”

For those who have acid reflux symptoms the first step is to choose treatment that will not have these adverse effects. An experienced Functional Nutrition practitioner can help guide you to which of these treatments will be the best in your individual case:

  • increasing vegetable fiber in your diet (NOT psyllium)
  • taking digestive enzymes with meals
  • avoid highly processed foods
  • using a special form of licorice root
  • taking herbs like slippery elm
  • using supplements to reduce inflammation

Dr. Marina Rose helps those suffering with acid reflux symptoms in the area of Los Altos, CA. She uses diet changes and supplements to address symptoms without risking their long-term health.

If you suffer from acid reflux symptoms or other digestive complaints, click below to find out if Functional Nutrition could be the answer you’re looking for. Take our nutritional profile quiz and get your results immediately.



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