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Why Sitting is the New Smoking

I’m sure you know physical activity is a key ingredient to good health. What you may not know is that sitting for a long time is harmful to your health even if you are exercising regularly. Who is at Risk from Sitting Too Much? The typical adult in the U.S. sits for 6 hour per…

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The Best, Most-Affordable Test for Gluten Intolerance

If someone in your immediate family has been diagnosed with celiac disease, a form of gluten intolerance,  research shows that you have a 1 in 22 chance of developing the same problem. Celiac Disease is just one from of gluten intolerance. Even if you don’t test positive for it, if you have health symptoms that are…

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Do You Really Need to Avoid Gluten?

Wondering what all the buzz is about gluten and if you should avoid it? Let’s talk about what gluten is and why it’s a problem for so many people. What is Gluten? Gluten is the large, sticky, complex protein found in several grains that provide the chewy, tender texture to bread, pasta and other flour…

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A Simple Step to Reduce Brain Stress and Improve Your Health

After all the holiday indulgences it can be tempting to think that a few days of fasting will help you lose that 5 extra pounds. Well, it turns out that while fasting is not a great way to lose weight, it does actually have some benefit for your brain. If you’re tempted by the “eat…

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Top 5 Lab Tests that Reveal Your Health Blind Spots

Is one of your goals this year is to improve your health? If so, you may have come across a trend called The Quantified Self. It is based on the Hawthorne Effect, the notion that we behave differently when watched. Put another way: when you track what you’re eating your choices become better. And when…

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The Birth Control Pill Can Trigger Indigestion

If you have been on the birth control pill or patch or even an IUD with hormones, and you have symptoms of indigestion, it is important to find out if there is a connection between them for you.   According to Dr Andrew Weil, a pioneer of natural medicine, the use of  birth control pills can…

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Got Heartburn? How to Know If It’s Acid Reflux or a Hiatal Hernia

Heartburn is a generic term that people use to describe discomfort after eating. Some common symptoms are: Burning pain Burping Nausea Trouble swallowing Chronic sore throat Regurgitation Paying attention to the specific type of discomfort can help you figure out the underlying cause. For example, burning pain just below the sternum is a common symptom of gastritis…

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The Surprising Strategy to Help Your Acid Reflux Symptoms

Indigestion comes in many forms, but acid reflux symptoms can be especially uncomfortable   With heartburn day after day, you may be wondering if you’ll ever find relief. For some people, the cause of acid reflux can actually be addressed with chiropractic adjustments, providing lasting relief.   Since the medications commonly used to treat acid…

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Truth or Myth? Should You Avoid Drinking During Meals?

Have you heard that drinking during meals will dilute your digestive juices? Well, like most persistent notions around eating and health, there is a kernel of truth inside. There has been great emphasis on the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water a day to avoid many health problems, from constipation and gallbladder symptoms to…

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Caffeine and PMS Symptoms | Are They Connected?

Do you love your morning coffee? If you have PMS or perimenopause symptoms, it may be time to reevaluate your morning ritual. Find out which symptoms are most affected by caffeine intake, and what you can do about it.   Caffeine intake is associated with an increase in hormonal symptoms, especially hot flashes, insomnia, and…

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What Foods are Best for Your Nutritional Type?

It may be convenient to grab a bag of chips when your day is so busy you skipped lunch. But this simple snack may be causing you problems like indigestion in the long run. Skipping meals stresses the digestive system and snack food consumption over a period of time has been known to cause gallbladder…

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3 Easy Steps to Deal with Bloating and Nausea

The gallbladder plays a vital role in maintaining the digestive health of your body. An improperly functioning gallbladder can lead to embarrassing issues like gas and bloating as well as severe pain, cramping and nausea. Early signs of gallbladder stress such as nausea and bloating are often overlooked or explained away.  But dealing with these…

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Got Acne? | Holistic Health Care Offers Alternatives to the Pill

Have you tried every lotion and potion you can get your hands on to make your acne go away? Has your doctor suggested going on the pill? Many women struggling with chronic acne find taking birth control pills can lead to other symptoms like bloating, headaches and reduced libido. Holistic health care can help you…

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The Secret to Hormone Balance without the Pill

Are you on ‘the pill’ because your hormones are out of control? Irregular periods, painful PMS, migraine headaches and acne have one thing in common. They are all associated with hormone imbalance. The big question is… What causes hormones to go out of whack in the first place? Stress. Of course stress makes everything worse but there is…

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Top Tips for Managing Mood Swings During Perimenopause

Perimenopause symptoms can be intense for some women; and if you’re feeling vulnerable and sensitive one minute and cranky and short-tempered the next, you may be suffering from mood swings associated with hormones fluctuations.   One of the biggest triggers of feeling irritable occurs when your blood sugar crashes. Eating a lot of starchy or…

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