Tips for Surviving the Holidays | Size Does Matter

Size does matter…the size of your plate that is. Let’s face it the Holidays can be an all out eating marathon. With work, friend and family parties it’s hard to find an event that DOESN’T include an oh-so-tempting smorgasbord of sugary confections. Looking for some simple methods to manage the madness and avoid stress and…

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The Best Butternut Squash Soup for a Wet, Rainy Day

My favorite recipe is 3 sentences long. I got it years ago from the newsletter that came in my weekly CSA* box, Two Small Farms. I laughed when I read it. It went like this: “Microwave 2 or 3 Butternut Squash. Saute lots of garlic and lots of onions in olive oil and butter. Add…

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Don't be fooled by your grocery store, gluten free, what's hiding in your food

Confused about Which Foods Contain Gluten? Here’s the List.

Which Common Foods Contain Gluten? Gluten gives baked goods their doughy-ness. So it appears in many foods, some obvious and some not so obvious. So the list of foods containing gluten is a long one. Don’t be alarmed. Now that awareness about gluten-intolerance is rising there are many ways to make food gluten free –…

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Trying to Cut Carbs? Try These Gluten-free and Guilt-free Tortillas (and Pancakes)

Gluten-free does not mean healthy. You can have a terrible diet while avoiding gluten. You can get gluten-free pizza and brownies and cookies. They are still made with very highly refined carbohydrates like tapioca and potato flour, even corn starch. So I thought I would experiment with some bread-like recipes that have NO refined carbs.…

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Trouble Sleeping? What You Need to Know Before Taking Ambien

Are you frustrated that you’re not able to sleep through the night? Headlines tells us that lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and more frequent colds. So it is smart to find out all you can about getting a good night’s sleep. Trouble sleeping is a common complaint – affecting 69%…

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Think Milk is Good for Your Bones? Think Again.

You value your health. You try to eat right and get in your 10,000 steps each day. And on days when you don’t have time for a real breakfast you drink a glass of milk and tell yourself it’s good for your bones. Right? A recent study published in the peer reviewed British Medical Journal…

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What are the Lab Tests for Gluten Intolerance?

If you suspect you have a problem with gluten, in can be confusing to know how to find out for sure. Gluten Intolerance is not as black and white as once thought. It used to be thought that only someone with Celiac Disease needed to avoid gluten. Recent studies have confirmed what many individuals have figured…

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Gallbladder Symptoms may Continue after Removal

If you have ever experienced Gallbladder symptoms, you know just how painful they can be. Usually when patients experience these discomforting symptoms, surgery is often the next step in hopes to eliminate any pain. However, did you know that even after your Gallbladder is removed that you can still experience those very same symptoms?  …

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Perimenopause Symptoms | The Secret to Maintaining Your Sensual Self

Lower libido can be one of the most challenging of the perimenopause symptoms. Want to learn how to maintain your sexual well-being during perimenopause? There is one little know factor that can boost your libido if it has dropped off.   Testosterone is one hormone responsible for maintaining sex drive and sensitivity, even in women.…

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Do Food Intolerances Contribute to Gallbladder Symptoms?

Do you feel pain or nausea after eating? Maybe you experience other digestive issues, but find the symptoms hard to sort out. Could it be gallbladder symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome or food intolerances? Could food intolerances be causing gallbladder symptoms?   Food intolerances may be a hidden cause behind many forms of digestive upsets, as…

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Three Natural Ways to Eliminate Perimenopause Symptoms

For many women menopause is an uncomfortable, if not miserable, succession of perimenopause symptoms running the gamut from headaches to incontinence to hot flashes. But Dr. Marina Rose, along with other practitioners of Functional Nutrition, is changing the way that women think about menopause. In her article about her book The Wisdom of Menopause, Christiane…

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Yes, Angelina, There is a Cancer Cause. And it’s Not Your Genes.

Yes, Angelina, there is a Cancer Cause… and it’s not your genes.   According to the National Cancer Institute the estimated risk of cancer from having a ‘faulty’ BRCA gene is likely to be inaccurate due to the way in which the studies were performed. The studies were on families with many individuals affected by a variety…

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Gallbladder Symptoms | Where They Come from and What You Can Do

If you’ve ever experienced a gallbladder attack, or heard the dreaded tale of one you might be wondering: What leads to gallbladder symptoms? There are actually different conditions that may cause gallbladder pain or other gallbladder symptoms.   Gallbladder symptoms may be caused by gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder, or a combination of both. It’s…

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Brain Fog? It Could be Caused by Your Hormones

Constantly wondering what was that final item on your grocery list? Or how about your new neighbor’s name?  Thinking you are losing your mind because you can’t remember? Perimenopause symptoms may be to blame. If you’re between the ages of 35 and 50 and you are having trouble thinking clearly, it could be a sign…

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You could have Gallstones With or Without Gallbladder Symptoms

Gallstones are a common health concern. They are more common in women, but men get them too with estimates of 10% of Americans having gallstones. Surprisingly, though about 80% of people who do have gallstones do not experience any gallbladder symptoms.   So how do you know if you have them? Gallstones are often detected…

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