The Perimenopause Symptoms You WANT to Have

Do you dread dealing with hot flashes? Not looking forward to mood swings and unpredictable periods?


There are actually perimenopause symptoms that you want to have. How would you like to be more creative, vibrant, and healthy?


As more women realize that perimenopause offers a big up side, they are creating positive changes in their lives. Dr. Christiane Northrup explains, “Although women have been taught to dread menopause, this life stage ushers in the springtime of the second half of life and is often accompanied by surges in creativity, vitality, newfound ambition, and the need to be of meaningful service to the community in a larger way.”


That does sound appealing! If you’re still worried about uncomfortable perimenopause symptoms, well, there’s good news there too.  Some women don’t have perimenopause symptoms. Learn about the major factor that separates women who have perimenopause symptoms from those who don’t.


And, if you are dealing with perimenopause symptoms now, know that there are natural ways to handle your symptoms and access the vital, empowering aspects of perimenopause. Lowering your stress levels, eating a nutrient dense diet full of fresh foods, and getting enough sleep are all things you can do to get started.


When you need natural solutions for perimenopause symptoms, click here to find out how Functional Nutrition can help you.


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