On the Pill | 3 Reasons Why and Holistic Health Care Alternatives

The birth control pill is the most popular method of contraception but recently doctors have been prescribing it to treat other conditions.

For many women the pill comes with unwanted side effects like weight gain, constipation, irritability and loss of libido. If you are taking the pill for some reason OTHER than birth control, you may want to look into holistic health care options.


  1. ACNE is a reason the pill is prescribed, but this skin condition may actually reflect problems with elimination in the digestive system or liver, or a poor diet. Dr. Oz agrees that diet can contribute to inflammation related to acne.
  2. CRAMPS – Painful periods can be related to nutritional deficiencies, like magnesium or B6 deficiency. They can also be triggered by blood sugar issues and carbohydrate intolerance.
  3. IRREGULAR CYCLES – spotting, heavy or unpredictable periods also may prompt your medical to prescribe the pill.


While the  pill may help theses symptoms it also creates greater risk of gallbladder disease, circulatory problems and cancer.  Addressing the underlying hormonal imbalances and unmet nutritional needs can improved all 3 of these of symptoms without the risk of future health problems.


Holistic health care practitioners first identify the underlying imbalance, then address it using nutritional recommendations, stress management and targeted supplements to balance nutrient and hormone levels.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC has helped women with menstrual symptoms and people with other challenging, chronic health conditions in and around the city of Los Altos, CA.


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