Are Your Perimenopause Symptoms Creating a Stress Cycle?

Many women notice that their perimenopause symptoms become worse when they are under stress. However, many perimenopause symptoms tend to create more stress. How do you deal with perimenopause symptoms that are creating a stress cycle?


Mood swings, depression and anxiety are perimenopause symptoms associated with fluctuating hormone levels. Living with these symptoms on a daily basis can lead to more stress.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC has helped people with perimenopause symptoms and other challenging, chronic health conditions in and around the city of Palo Alto, CA.


Anxiety or depression can be draining on your relationships. This takes an extra toll at the time when relationships already tend to be shifting. While relationships can be a great source of support, when they are not going well it may lead to stress. Dr. Mark Hyman also recognizes that relationships are an important factor in health.


If you feel like your perimenopause symptoms are creating a stress cycle, a practitioner of Functional Nutrition can help you with an adrenal support strategy that can alleviate stress and may lessen perimenopause symptoms.


Taking time to practice relaxation is something you can begin doing right away to help break the stress cycle. This could be in the form of deep breathing exercises, meditation, guided visualization or spending time in the yard gardening.


When you need natural solutions for perimenopause symptoms, click here to find out how Functional Nutrition can help you.


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