Are you tired during the day?

But also stressed and sometimes even anxious?

Is your brain just not working like it used to and you are feeling “foggy” and forgetting things all too often?

Do you have unexplained joint pain, need more coffee in the morning or find that you feel hungry all the time?

It doesn't have to be this way! If you are ready to feel energetic, clear minded, focused, and in charge of your health, let me help you.

You are unique! How well you digest and absorb foods, convert your foods to energy, detoxify, and eliminate depends on many factors such as:

    • past and current eating habits
    • lifestyle choices
    • stress (in its many forms!)
    • over-the-counter drug or prescription medication use
    • and your genes

Yet, being healthy doesn't have to be complicated. It just means you may need a some help in determining which foods, supplements and type of diet are best for you to achieve your health goals.

My Restore Health™ Program investigates your personal health history, your current eating habits, lifestyle, and stress levels, and any recent lab work you might have completed. From there we determine which special lab tests will give us the most useful information for really targeting the key points where your body is depleted.

We'll focus on your biggest concerns, and you'll be surprised at what other improvements you'll see. My patients commonly see the elimination of symptoms they didn't even tell me about because they had given up on them ever getting better.

Reasons to choose a Restore Health™ Program

    • You feel sluggish and tired during the day
    • You having trouble falling asleep or sleep poorly at night
    • You have plateaued in your weight loss or feel the more you try, the worse it gets
    • You experience a lot of gas, bloating, heartburn or constipation
    • You often feel moody, anxious, irritable, or overwhelmed
    • You have tried countless diets with only short term positive results.
    • You have a shopping cart full of supplements, and really aren’t sure if any of them helping!
    • You want the tools and guidance to take charge of your health!
    • You want to feel energized, pain-free and just plain good everyday.

My Restore Health™ Program is designed to help you achieve your health goals quickly by including specific testing to assess your unique biochemistry. Which program and testing is right for you depends on many factors, which we will uncover during a complimentary, private Health Discovery Session. Here are some of the tests that I've found most helpful in getting my patients the best and quickest results:

  • Food Allergies (NOT the skin test)
  • Adrenal Function
  • Routine lab panel
  • Enzyme evaluation with hands-on exam
  • Celiac test
  • Neurotransmitters (Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine...)
  • Female Hormones

Who is this for?

  • Women and men who understand their health is their biggest asset
  • Those committed to success and the dedication it takes
  • Those who want quick results and are ready to grow in their understanding
  • The wise woman/man who understands the value of guidance from an experienced and knowledgeable mentor

Who is this NOT for?

  • This program is not for someone looking for a magic pill for weight loss, or any other health condition
  • It’s not for anyone who doesn’t get that building a foundation of health requires dedication & inspiration
  • It’s not for those who prefer to let the experts make all the decisions

And, it may be for you… Let’s connect and find out!  Click here to apply for a complimentary, private Health Discovery Session.