The Surprising Hormone Behind Perimenopause Symptoms

When it comes to perimenopause, you probably hear the words estrogen and progesterone so many times it wants to make you pull your own hair out! However, there is one more major hormone behind your perimenopause that you might not know about.


When perimenopause symptoms begin, it’s because your ovaries are slowing down production of estrogen and progesterone. But they also make a small amount of testosterone. Testosterone is typically known as the male sex hormone, but it plays an important role in the female hormone balance too, especially in fueling your libido.


Symptoms like decreased sex drive, reduced sensitivity and sexual pleasure, and even depression or loss of pubic hair all indicate that testosterone levels are in decline. Dr. Christiane Northrup also pinpoints these perimenopause symptoms as signals of lower testosterone.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC has helped women with perimenopause symptoms and other challenging, chronic health problems in and around the city of Los Altos, CA.


So how do you handle declining testosterone levels? First, it’s important to know that the adrenal glands start to pick up some of the slack as the ovaries stop producing hormones. So supporting the adrenals will help with overall hormone balance. Also, to keep up your libido and enhance your sexual experiences even as testosterone levels drop:

  • Exercise regularly to balance hormone levels and enhance circulation.
  • Keep your pelvic floor muscles strong with Kegel exercises.
  • Do squats and use the squatting position instead of bending. This also tones the pelvic floor.


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