Perimenopause Symptoms | The Secret to Maintaining Your Sensual Self

Lower libido can be one of the most challenging of the perimenopause symptoms. Want to learn how to maintain your sexual well-being during perimenopause? There is one little know factor that can boost your libido if it has dropped off.


Testosterone is one hormone responsible for maintaining sex drive and sensitivity, even in women. Taking steps to support overall hormone balance and adrenal function (since they take over hormone production as the ovaries slow down in perimenopause) are two important ways to stay well during the perimenopause transition. This will help your overall well being and with perimenopause symptoms specific to sexual health.


Dr. Marina Rose uses a Functional Nutrition approach to help women with perimenopause symptoms in and around the city of San Francisco. Measuring adrenal function and then using specific supplementation can produce dramatic improvement.


Overall hormonal health is the foundation of a healthy sex life, but another important molecule comes into play when you’re feeling sensual. The molecule is called nitric oxide and it’s responsible for causing feelings of arousal, as Dr. Christiane Northrup agrees. Nitric oxide is actually the key molecule behind the function of the drug Viagra.


If you want to keep your nitric oxide levels optimal, then take time to:

  • Exercise
  • Practice relaxation
  • Regular sexual activity


When you need natural solutions for perimenopause symptoms, click here to find out how Functional Nutrition can help you.


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