Perimenopause Symptoms | Is Hormone Replacement Worth the Risks?

When perimenopause symptoms kick in, hormone replacement therapy has been the go-to treatment for most women. But in recent years, many women have been asking questions about the safety of hormone replacement therapy. Is it safe enough? What are the risks? And what are the alternatives?


Much of the concern over hormone replacement therapy started back in 2001 when the Women’s Health Initiative indicated that hormone replacement therapy for perimenopause symptoms was associated with an increased risk for heart disease, breast cancer, and stroke among other concerns. The risk is especially great for women over the age of 60, with an increased risk of endometrial, liver, uterine, and breast cancers.


After this information was released, many people turned to bioidentical hormones in search of a safer alternative. Bioidentical hormones differ from traditional hormone replacement therapy in that the hormones are given in a form that is molecularly identical to the natural hormones produced in women’s bodies. Dr. Christiane Northrup also recognizes the important differences between synthetic and bioidentical hormones.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC has helped women with perimenopause symptoms and people with other challenging, chronic health conditions in and around the city of San Jose, CA.


While hormone replacement therapy may help symptoms temporarily, many women look for less risky options. Perimenopause symptoms improve with a whole body approach using natural methods like improving diet, managing stress, and working to balance the adrenal glands. Practitioners of Functional Nutrition order special lab tests to know which changes will get you the quickest results.


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