Perimenopause Symptoms | Handling the Weight Gain

Are you finding some extra weight around your middle even though you make healthy food choices and exercise regularly?


Hot flashes, mood swings and irritability are some of the most prominent perimenopause symptoms, but there’s another one  – weight gain. Believe it or not, gaining a few extra pounds (or keeping the same weight but needing a larger dress size) is the first hint that some women have that they are entering into perimenopause.


Trying to lose weight through reducing calories is not likely to be very effective if the weight is caused by hormonal fluctuations.


While attempting to lose weight it is important to avoid diet fads and pills that claim to show drastic results in a short span of time. Weight loss needs to be a gradual process for your body to be able to keep the weight off. Rapid weight loss can result in a rebound of gaining even more weight.


Artificial sweeteners should be avoided at all costs. According to a study published July 2013 , artificial sweeteners have the “opposite effect by confusing the body’s natural ability to manage calories based on tasting something sweet,” contributing to weight GAIN and blood sugar problems. Yes, that’s right, sugar substitutes increase the risk of weight gain and diabetes.

Dr. Marina Rose uses a natural, effective method to address the underlying cause of weight gain and other perimenopause symptoms for women around the city of San Jose, CA and across the country.


The first step is to look at your adrenal function. Your adrenal glands make a hormone in response to stress called cortisol. Not only does cortisol make you gain weight it also makes hot flashes and other perimenopause symptoms more intense.


Next, coupling a specific food plan that is right for your Nutrition Profile with moderate exercise works in two ways- it accelerates your weight loss, and reduces the occurrence of perimenopause symptoms too.
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