Perimenopause Symptoms | Factors that Lead to Estrogen Dominance

Have you heard that the answer to perimenopause symptoms is estrogen?


Contrary to what many people believe estrogen is not always the answer. Actually, some perimenopause symptoms are caused by estrogen excess, a condition called estrogen dominance.


What is it that leads to estrogen dominance?


Perimenopause symptoms caused by estrogen dominance are more common in women who have a body fat percentage of more than 28%. This is because fat cells in the body also produce estrogen.  Stress is also another major contributor to estrogen dominance, because of the involvement of the adrenal glands and the stress hormone cortisol.


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Environmental estrogens, or endocrine disruptors, are also thought to play a role in estrogen dominance.


Symptoms of estrogen dominance are more common in the earlier phases of perimenopause. In the later stages of perimenopause, symptoms of lower estrogen levels become more common.


Eating adequate amounts of fiber, which helps the body to properly eliminate estrogens, is an important step that you can take to avoid perimenopause symptoms related to estrogen dominance, as Dr. Christiane Northrup also recognizes.


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