Perimenopause Symptoms and Irregular Menstrual Cycles

Have you missed a period lately? Are you wondering if it is the beginning of the end of your monthly cycle?

How do you know if your irregular cycles indicate that you are transitioning into menopause?

Perimenopause can mean less frequent menstruation, but a longer cycle isn’t always a perimenopause symptom. Things like travel, illness, or even intense exercise at the right time of the month can delay ovulation and lead to a longer cycle.

However, the older you are the more likely it is that your menstrual irregularity is a symptom of perimenopause. Some women begin to have symptoms as early as 35.

Dr. Marina Rose uses Chiropractic care and Functional Nutrition to help women in and around the city of San Francisco, CA to balance their hormone levels naturally. This approach helps a variety of hormone issues – from trouble with fertility to anxiety and sleeplessness of menopause.

For some women periods will come less often as they approach menopause, for some women, periods may actually get closer together. If you think your cycles are becoming irregular because menopause is approaching, you might consider if you’re having any of these perimenopause symptoms.

Practitioners of Functional Nutrition offer ways to nurture whole body health throughout perimenopause, bringing relief to perimenopause symptoms by balancing the deeper level health issues. Dr. Shaun Denise Biggers discusses some strategies for dealing with perimenopause symptoms holistically in her article on the Dr. Oz blog.

When you want to find a natural solution to your hormonal symptoms, find out how Functional Nutrition can help.


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