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Painful Periods? | Herbal Alternatives to The Pill

If you are suffering from painful periods you may be leaning towards to pill to seek relief but don’t be fooled. What the pill offers in relief it gives back with difficult side effects.


Holistic health care takes a whole person approach, offering natural alternatives for painful periods. Herbal remedies used in holistic health care continue a tradition of helping women cope with painful periods and find a hormonal balance for better health.


When women take the pill for contraception, the benefits are clear. But when taking the pill for cramps, the picture isn’t so simple. Many women on the pill experience side effects. The pill also acts as an environmental estrogen, a class of chemicals that continue to raise concern.


Symptoms like menstrual cramping can be signals of an underlying hormonal imbalance, or other whole body concern. Practitioners of Holistic Health Care can address both the symptoms and the underlying cause. One way is with herbal remedies, which have a long history of helping with painful periods according to Dr. Christiane Northrup. Some herbs that may help include:

  • Chaste berry (also called Vitex)
  • Cramp bark
  • Red Raspberry Leaf


Each herb works in a different way. Working with a practitioner of holistic health care can help you choose which herb or combination is best for you.



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