Considering the Pill for Acne? Consider Holistic Health Care First

Severe acne is difficult to live with. It can have a big impact on self-confidence, and it can be physically painful as well. When acne fails to respond to topical treatments, some women consider the pill as the next step toward clear skin. Holistic health care offers a deeper approach that may address the root cause of severe acne and bring better overall health in the process.


Skin symptoms like acne can actually be a sign of an underlying digestive imbalance. Taking the pill may make your skin clear up, but it doesn’t address your digestive health, which has whole body affects.


The pill may also come with unwanted side effects. Practitioners of holistic health care look at the whole picture to find factors like diet, activity level, and stress that may be contributing to your symptoms. With this approach holistic health care can offer help without medications like the pill.


Dr. Mark Hyman agrees that holistic health care options like diet can impact skin symptoms like acne.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC helps women with symptoms like acne and other challenging, chronic health conditions in and around the city of Los Altos, CA.


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