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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Sleep your way to a healthier you

Your sleep needs can change depending on factors such as:

  • infection
  • stress
  • strenuous physical activity
  • sleep debt

Make Time for Sleep

Sometimes we tend to focus on everybody else in our families but ourselves. Take time for you, and this includes your sleep. For the next week try to allocate more time in your bed than actual sleep you need. For example, if you know that your body needs 8 hours of sleep a night, try to make time to spend 8.5 hours in bed. That way you can allow yourself an extra 30min to lay in bed and let yourself naturally wake without the aid of an alarm clock.

This is good for two reasons. One, because if you’re body needs a little extra sleep you have allocated time for it. Second, you’re not waking on external elements but rather training your body to wake itself naturally.


The Good News

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Dr. Marina Rose, has a Chiropractic and Functional Nutrition practice in Los Altos, CA. She uses an investigative approach to help people find the root cause of their sleep issues.


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