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Why Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day

We know your morning is busy, between the kids, husband, wife, your phone ringing off the hook and your email box overflowing breakfast is the last thing on your mind.
You make the same excuses time after time, to rushed, not hungry, nothing to eat, well it’s time to break this habit once and for all. Studies are showing that by skipping breakfast you are actually sabotaging your weight loss efforts and even increasing your risk for obesity and afternoon fatigue.

Why eating breakfast prevents weight gain and fatigue

You are probably thinking, well I am skipping breakfast so I am consuming fewer calories, which should make me skinner, right? WRONG. What actually happens is by skipping breakfast you are actually setting in motion an unhealthy metabolic cascade that leads to excess fat and then obesity.
Think about it this way, after a long night of fasting (sleeping) your bodies been busy releasing stored glucose to fuel your busy brain. When its not doing that its actually creating glucose from breaking down your muscle tissue made possible by your stress hormones.
After waking and not eating your brain and body go into starvation mode and exaggerates this stress response, so your body goes into overtime pumping out more and more stress hormones to fuel your brain.
Over time your body forms this habit leading to:
  •  excess weight gain
  • hinders your brain function
  • upsets your hormonal balance
  • inflammation
  • migraines
  • depression
  • mood swings
  • shakiness
  • lightheadedness
  • brain fog
  • sleep disorders
  • and more

The Mayo Clinic put it perfectly by stating that eating breakfast leads to reduced hunger, healthy choices and more energy. Aren’t we all looking to achieve those 3 things?

Next Steps

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