Sore Throat? | Is it a Cold or Acid Reflux Symptoms?

Do you or someone you know always have a sore throat? Maybe you try cough drops or mints to soothe the nagging scratchiness. Maybe you might try to rationalize that your just talking too much or it might be a cold you can’t conquer.

But there may be a more worrisome explanation.


A chronic sore throat can be a symptom of acid reflux. Then again, it might be a cold. But, how can you tell the difference?


The key to determining the likely cause of your sore throat is to pay attention to your other symptoms. If you have other cold symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and fatigue then your sore throat is more likely to be related to a cold. But a lingering sore throat, and even coughing are among the acid reflux variety.


This might sound surprising, but actually there are many commonly missed acid reflux symptoms that you may not realize are related to your digestion.


In fact, some acid reflux symptoms are so subtle, you might not realize you’re having them, as Dr. Jonathan E Aviv also points out on the Dr. Oz blog.


Dr. Marina Rose has helped people address the underlying cause of their acid reflux symptoms in and around the city of San Francisco.


If you are dealing with acid reflux symptoms there are some things you can try at home for comfort. Eat smaller meals more frequently and avoid eating before bed or any time you’ll be lying down. You can also notice and avoid foods that lead to symptoms.


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