Tips for Surviving the Holidays | Size Does Matter

Size does matter…the size of your plate that is.

Let’s face it the Holidays can be an all out eating marathon. With work, friend and family parties it’s hard to find an event that DOESN’T include an oh-so-tempting smorgasbord of sugary confections.

Looking for some simple methods to manage the madness and avoid stress and weight gain?

Try this one on for size (ha!).

According to Research at Cornell University, study participants who ate from larger bowls ate 16% more food than those who had smaller bowls – yet they estimated that they ate less than the other group.

So eating from a large plate encourages you to eat more while at the same time causing you to think you didn’t eat enough!

Survive the Holidays with Ease and Grace (instead of an extra 10 pounds)

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Silver Lining

The good news about the Cornell Study is that “Portion Distortion” is based solely on perception – your mind judges the portion by the amount of empty space on the plate around your food.

So you can use this Jedi mind trick to eat and feel more satisfied – use a salad plate rather than an over-sized serving size plate.

Your mind will feel satisfied earlier and give your body a chance to catch up.

What is your secret for surviving the holidays? Tell us in the comment section below.


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