Is Your Favorite Morning Ritual Behind Your Acid Reflux Symptoms?

When you get up in the morning, are you really awake? Or, do you need some coffee first? While caffeine has become a morning ritual for many Americans, it could also be contributing to your acid reflux symptoms.


One of the major causes of acid reflux symptoms is stomach acid that is in the wrong place. Oddly enough, that place can actually be inside of the stomach. That is what happens when the protective lining of the stomach is worn away.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC has helped people with acid reflux and other challenging, chronic health conditions in and around the city of Palo Alto, CA.


What weakens the stomach lining? Stress is a major culprit, as the adrenal hormone cortisol can lead to erosion of the stomach lining. Caffeine can also cause this problem itself through overconsumption of coffee or tea.


However, caffeine also erodes the stomach lining indirectly because it inhibits the neurotransmitter GABA, which plays a role in the body’s stress response. When GABA is not working effectively, the body has a harder time coping with stress. Increased stress can then perpetuate the cycle of acid reflux symptoms.


Aside from cutting back, or eliminating, your intake of caffeine, adopting strategies to deal with stress can help lessen your acid reflux symptoms. Meditation is a simple and effective practice for relieving stress, which Dr. Deepak Chopra also recommends.


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