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Is Your Alcohol Intake Contributing to Your Acid Reflux Symptoms?

Do you enjoy having a couple drinks when you’re out with your friends? There’s no harm in that, right? Well, even having a few drinks may not be a good option for people who suffer from acid reflux symptoms.


Alcohol is actually a major offender when it comes to acid reflux symptoms. A mucous lining on the walls of the stomach protects it from stomach acid during digestion. If this lining is compromised, it leads to acid reflux symptoms. Alcohol, especially in excess, erodes the lining of the stomach.


However, excessive drinking is not the only way that alcohol damages the stomach lining. Even a drink or two may damage the lining if you drink on an empty stomach. Dr. Andrew Weil agrees that alcohol can contribute to acid reflux.


Stress is also a major factor behind acid reflux symptoms. For those who enjoy drinking after a stressful day at work, the effects of alcohol on acid reflux symptoms are likely to be even worse.



To avoid the effects of alcohol on your acid reflux symptoms, try eliminating or reducing your intake. If you do choose to have an occasional drink, be sure to avoid drinking on an empty stomach.


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