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How to Stop Gallbladder Symptoms by Dropping Processed Food

Gallbladder symptoms are linked with dietary habits like eating too much processed foods. While many of us already know that fresh foods are better, it can be difficult to give up processed convenience foods.


Eliminating processed foods from your diet is important for avoiding gallbladder symptoms, and other health concerns, for two main reasons.

  • processed foods tend to be higher in both sugar and white flour, both of which are linked with higher rates of gallstones. Dr. Andrew Weil also agrees that eliminating these foods will help you avoid gallbladder symptoms.
  • Processed foods also lack the enzymes found in fresh foods. Food enzymes actually aid digestion a great deal.

Steps You Can Try At Home

Try these strategies to minimize how much processed food you’re eating:

  • Aim to eat a salad with every meal
  • Add sprouts to your diet for a boost in enzyme content
  • Choose nuts and seeds, which contain healthy fats instead of chips and other processed snacks
  • Snack on veggies like carrots, celery, snap peas and cherry tomatoes
  • Make a large salad to keep in the fridge for a couple days when you know you’re going to be busy and won’t have time to prepare foods.

Next Steps

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