How to Know if it’s Gallbladder Symptoms or Just Muscle Pain

Right shoulder pain is one of the common gallbladder symptoms. How can you tell the difference between gallbladder pain in the shoulder and shoulder pain caused by tight muscles?


Often, gallbladder pain is accompanied by other gallbladder symptoms. Pain in the upper abdomen, especially on the right side, is an indicator of gallbladder symptoms. This is especially true if the pain does not subside with position changes or with passing gas. Shoulder pain caused by gallbladder trouble often is centered in the abdomen and feels like it radiates around to the right shoulder in the back.


Muscle pain can often be associated with a clear physical cause like sleeping in the same position all night, or overworking of the whole body. Pain from a muscle injury is also likely to get worse with specific arm movements such as lifting your arm straight forward or out to the side. Muscle soreness in the right shoulder may respond to massage or treatment with heat.


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  • Jessica r.

    Reply Reply September 5, 2014

    I JUST LOVE YOUR SITE! So Accurately Informative! Thank you!!!

  • Nikki

    Reply Reply September 4, 2017

    I feel pain in side upper right under ribcage. Only hurts when I lay a certain way. Feels almost like a sore muscle to the touch but I can bend and walk and barely feel it. It’s only when I lay. I cannot find info anywhere on this lol I cleaned out to make sure I lt wasn’t constipation, and pain still there. Day 4 and hoping it’s just a pulled muscle

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