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Gallbladder Symptoms | What Vitamin C Can Do For You

Vitamin C is  famous for its role in stimulating the immune system. If you take a turn down your local health foods store you will find it in multivitamins, cold remedies, cold prevention and child gummies. It has also been in the spotlight as a powerful antioxidant. What you might not know is vitamin C may also protect against gallbladder symptoms?


A study from the University Hospital Ulm in Ulm Germany, published in 2009, found that supplemental vitamin C was associated with lowered risk of developing gallstones. Gallstones are the primary cause of painful gallbladder symptoms.


Some practitioners of Functional Nutrition are recommending supplemental vitamin C for those who are at risk or otherwise concerned about developing gallbladder symptoms. Dr. Andrew Weil  also notes that vitamin C can be helpful for preventing gallbladder symptoms.

Finding the Right Form of Vitamin C

Taking a vitamin C supplement is one way to up your intake but it is important to get a formula that includes micronutrients not just ascorbic acid.  Ascorbic acid is metabolized as a sugar and can cause additional health problems. Select an herbal formula or try these foods that are naturally high in vitamin C and come with a host of bioflavonoid and other micro-nutrients:

  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Bell peppers

Next Steps

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