Understand and Prevent Gallbladder Trouble in 4 Simple Steps

Your gallbladder looks like a baby eggplant. It is 4-5 inches long and it sits just beneath your liver, under the right rib cage. It’s job is to store bile and release it when needed to help you digest your food.

The most common cause of gallbladder symptoms is an unhealthy lifestyle. A diet high in fat, sugar and processed foods will cause the bile to thicken and cause the gallbladder to be sluggish. But there are other factors as well, such as:

In medical school, doctors learn the 4F’s that increase your risk for gallbladder disease:

  • Being Fat
  • Being in your Forties
  • Being Fertile
  • Being Female

Fact: more than 2/3’s of all those with gallbladder disease are women.

The most common gallbladder symptoms are pain or tenderness under the rib cage on the right side, pain around the right shoulder blade, light or chalky colored stools and stools that float due to fat content.

Gallbladder symptoms can continue for years and be treated incorrectly as they can easily be confused with other digestive symptoms. According to Dr Oz, one of the most influential celebrity doctors, a Nutrition approach to gallbladder symptoms is effective because it addresses the underlying cause.

Here are 4 steps you can take at home to get started:

  1. Maintain Healthy Weight
  2.  Don’t Skip Meals
  3.  Exercise Regularly
  4.  Limit coffee consumption to 1 cup a day

Dr. Marina Rose ,DC uses chiropractic care and a Functional Nutrition approach to help people with gallbladder symptoms and other health challenges in and around the city of San Francisco, CA.

To find out if you have underlying nutrition imbalances than could be affecting your health click here to take Dr. Rose’s Nutrition Profile Quiz.


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