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Gallbladder Symptoms | 5 Tips for Effective Weight Loss

People who are overweight are at higher risk for several health conditions including gallbladder symptoms and gallstones. Yet, losing weight too quickly or restricting dietary fat severely can actually increase the risk of forming gallstones.


If you want to lose weight without risking your gallbladder check out these tips.


Crash diets offer the allure of rapid results and the dramatic change that people who struggle with their weight crave. But this kind of weight loss rarely lasts, and is hard on your body. Risk of developing gallstones is increased when the weight comes off too quickly.



Weight loss can be challenging, but changing lifestyle habits is the key to lasting weight loss. The key is to make changes gradually, allowing yourself plenty of time to adjust to your new lifestyle. These tips will help you make lasting changes without putting unnecessary stress on your body.


  1. Cut out processed foods. Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead.
  2. Reduce your white flour intake. Choose whole grains breads, pastas, or just cooked grains.
  3. Increase your physical activity. Gradually increase your activity until you’re doing 30 minutes to an hour a day.
  4. Include foods rich in phyto-nutrients like greens, brightly colored vegetables like peppers and berries.
  5. Stay hydrated. It can be easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Dr. Andrew Weil agrees that this also helps reduce risk of gallbladder symptoms.


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