Excessive Burping? It Could be Your Gallbladder

Have you ever had a sumptuous meal, then ended with a distasteful burp? It gets embarrassing when you are amongst your friends and can’t avoid the groans given out by your stomach.

Burping is a healthy body function, a way for the body to expel gas from the stomach through the esophagus and mouth.  The bacteria in the intestines produce gas as a normal part of doing their job.  The sound of burping is caused due to the vibration of the upper esophageal sphincter as the gas passes through it.

While burping is normal, it should not be uncomfortable or have a bad smell or taste.

According to Dr Oz, burping can be triggered by gobbling down a quick meal that you don’t chew well or give you body time for it’s normal process of breaking down food. If this is the case for you, eating smaller meal portions and chewing food properly can help you control burping.

When burping is constant and bothersome, it may be a gallbladder symptom. Especially if it occurs after a fatty meal or has a bitter or comes with a sour taste.

Women are particularly vulnerable to gallbladder trouble since many of us have taken Birth Control Pills at some point and those hormones create thickened bile, increasing the lifetime risk of gallbladder problems. Pregnancy and hormone replacement therapy are additional risks.

Gallbladder issues are best addressed BEFORE your become a surgical candidate. Diet changes and some simple supplements can resolve even longstanding gallbladder problems.

Dr. Marina Rose helps people in the San Francisco Bay Area with digestive symptoms, whether it’s excessive burping, nausea or pain, to find natural solutions. Dr. Rose finds that using herbs like milk thistle in combination with the right digestive formula resolves many gallbladder issues.

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  • diane adams

    Reply Reply January 26, 2020

    Had my gall bladder removed several years abo and since , have had escesive burping ..Is this a reason and how do rectify?

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