Acid Reflux Symptoms | Why You Need Your Stomach Acid

If you’ve ever had a bad case of heartburn, you know how painful acid creeping back up your throat is. The burning can be simply unbearable. But that acid in your stomach is actually pretty critical for optimal health.

For a lot of people, the solution is simple, take an antacid to neutralize the burn. But in the long run, that antacid may be causing more harm than good. Dr. Oz also recognizes this as well, you actually need your stomach acid to digest food properly.

The stomach is the primary site of protein break down in the body. The strong acid involved in acid reflux is actually needed to break proteins up into individual amino acids or smaller pieces called peptides.

Stomach acid has another surprising function. It’s also protective against infection. In a healthy stomach with strong acid, many food born pathogens can actually be destroyed by the acidic environment, before reaching other parts of the digestive tract and causing infection.

Dr. Marina Rose has helped people with acid reflux symptoms and other challenging, chornic health conditions in and around the city of San Francisco, CA.

The lingering question may be, if stomach acid is good for you, why does it cause acid reflux symptoms? To answer this question correctly, you have to understand that stomach acid itself is not the problem. It’s only when stomach acid gets into the wrong places that painful reflux occurs.

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