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Acid Reflux Symptoms | Can You Stomach the Truth?

It makes sense to assume that acid is the problem behind acid reflux symptoms.

If you’ve experienced heart burn, or felt stomach acid reach the back of your throat, you’re all the more likely to agree with this idea. But the truth is that acid is not the culprit behind your acid reflux symptoms.


Many people believe that too much stomach acid creates the burning sensations, but stomach acid and even lots of it, is actually a critical part of your digestive process. Acid reflux occurs when this helpful acid ends up in the wrong place. This happens either because the lower esophageal sphincter is opening at the wrong times, or because the protective lining on your stomach has been eroded.


In a healthy stomach, the cells lining the stomach create a mucus layer that protects the cells from damage by the acidic contents of the stomach. When the body’s own cells are safe from damage, the acid is able to break down proteins and kill harmful bacteria from food. The stomach itself remains unharmed and you remain free of acid reflux symptoms.


Protect your stomach lining by avoiding excesses of coffee, soda, and alcohol. Dr. Mark Hyman also agrees that these can lead to acid reflux symptoms. Asprin or asprin-like medications as well as too much stress can also be factors.

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