5 Easy Ways to Handle Acid Reflux Symptoms in Pregnancy

For many pregnant women, acid reflux symptoms are a daily reality, especially as pregnancy progresses into the 2nd or 3rd trimester. If you are tired of having heartburn, consider some of these simple home remedies.


  1. Eat smaller meals more frequently. When your stomach is not as full reflux is less likely to occur.
  2. Eliminate foods you notice triggering symptoms like spicy and heavy fatty foods. Dr. Oz also says that eliminating problem foods is helpful.
  3. If acid reflux troubles you at night, sleep in a semi-upright position. Sleeping flat on your back is not considered safe after twenty weeks of pregnancy. If sleeping on your side is giving you reflux, prop yourself up with plenty of pillows or blocks under your mattress.
  4. Avoid forward bending and lying down directly after meals. This encourages stomach contents to come back up.
  5. Take papaya enzymes with your meals, if your midwife or doctor approves. Papaya enzymes make digestion easier.


Dr. Marina Rose, DC use Chiropractic care and Functional Nutrition to help pregnant women with acid reflux symptoms and other challenging health conditions in and around the city of San Francisco, CA.


Acid reflux symptoms are more common in pregnant women because of hormonal changes that happen in pregnancy. With growing awareness of the potential dangers of antacids, more and more pregnant women are looking to natural solutions for their acid reflux symptoms.


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