5 Commonly Missed Acid Reflux Symptoms | and a Hidden Cause

If you suffer from acid reflux, then you know the discomfort of the burning sensation that creeps up the back of your throat. However, there are other acid reflux symptoms that you may not be aware of:

  1. Sore throat with coughing
  2. Nausea, especially at night
  3. Bloated feeling, burping
  4. Uncontrollable hiccups
  5. Feeling like food is stuck in your throat

Anything on this list surprise you? Well, you might also be surprised to find out that acid reflux may have more to do with your diet than just eating the wrong foods.

While it’s true that some foods might trigger your worst symptoms, such as rich or spicy foods, Functional Nutrition goes a step beyond to see what common foods you eat everyday may be triggering your symptoms up to 3 days later, which known as  “Delayed Hypersensitivity.”  This means that the symptoms of fatigue, headache, acid reflux, itchiness or “brain fog”  do not occur until 48 to 72 hours after the food is consumed.

A Hidden Cause of Heartburn

Kathy C. consulted with Dr. Marina Rose, who has a practice focusing in Chiropractic care and Functional Nutrition in Los Altos, CA. She had complaints of recurring heartburn, insomnia and anxiety. With the help of special lab tests, Dr. Rose was able to identify that Kathy had underlying Food Allergies to wheat, green beans and almonds.

With some simple dietary changes and a few supplements, Kathy was able to resolve not only her acid reflux but her insomnia and anxiety as well.

Functional Nutrition

When conventional medicine has not provided you with relief from acid reflux or other health challenges, find out if Functional Nutrition has the answer you’re looking for.

One of the best ways to understand the underlying nutritional cause of your symptoms is to know which foods and nutrients you have trouble digesting and those you are deficient in.
Dr. Rose, DC has developed the Nutritional Profile Quiz to get you started on your first step toward Restoring Your Health. You’ll get immediate access to an overview of what your nutritional imbalances may be as well as the associated risks and steps to address them.


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  • Marina Rose

    Reply Reply May 23, 2013

    Thanks Stephanie, I’ll keep sharing more info about how to help yourself be as healthy as possible.

  • Gina Coye

    Reply Reply March 1, 2018

    I been diagnose with gerd in november after my surgery i been feeling sick everyday i dont know if premenopause has something to do with it i have brainfog dizziness head tight burping i also have gallstone issue how can i feel better bp ok

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