For ten years I was always thinking of food, not able to stay away from sugar. Always tired, even though I had been exercising daily for seven months. Within two days on Dr. Rose's program I felt dramatically better. I can eat lunch and not have that sugar craving at 4pm. I am more energetic and yet inside I fell a calmness I’ve never felt before. I’m so much more ready to get up in the morning.

I also had a severe flakiness of my eyelids since I was 16 yrs old (now 49) I was told it was a fungus. It is now gone after 2 weeks on an enzyme program. I just can’t tell you how wonderful I feel now. I thought I knew about nutrition but this was the missing link for me!         ~Dottie M.

I came to see Dr. Rose because my daughter got a kitten and I'm allergic to cats. Dr. Rose didn't put me on natural allergy pills. She created a whole plan to address my overall health. Not only have my allergies improved (I haven’t taken one allergy pill since coming here) but the natural herbs have improved my complexion and I’ve lost weight. I feel better and look better than I have in a long time!      ~M.C.

I’ve had PMS for years, also chronic fatigue and back pain. Within two weeks of starting under Dr. Rose’s care the PMS has disappeared, the fatigue doesn’t last anymore and the back pain is a thing of the past! It has changed my life. My energy and vitality are back!         ~M.S.

"I was having migraines once or twice a week. I was using self-inject Imitrex shots which were awful! I missed a lot of work and activities. I like that Dr. Rose didn't just offer a natural treatment for headaches. She evaluated my overall health and came up with a plan customized for me. Now I’m doing so much better — no migraines in over a month! And I see a huge improvement in how I feel overall. I have so much more energy!"        ~Amy B

I had increasing hot flashes, I was quite uncomfortable — sometimes they were once per hour in the evenings. Right after I started the enzyme program the hot flashes subsided, then disappeared completely. I have been feeling calmer and sleeping better also.    ~Barbara R

I didn't want to use cortisone creme on my skin since I know it's not good to use long term. Dr. Rose created a program customized for me, not my diagnosis. My eczema vastly improved, and as a bonus my energy levels are more even.         ~Larry H

I had pain, redness and swelling with restricted mobility of my right wrist and middle finger for three years. It hurt to write and I couldn’t play piano or tennis. My medical doctor ran some tests and diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was told there is not cure and it will continue to progress. I was prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs which didn't help much. After Dr. Rose did an assessment and created a plan for me I now have no pain or inflammation and some return of movement in my wrist — I actually began to play tennis again!         ~Peggy R

I had surgery and took numerous prescription drugs for severe stomach pain, with no relief. Since following my diet and supplement program I have no stomach problems! I am pain free for the first time in years!        ~MaryAnn H

The changes in my diet as a result of the nutritional analysis and the enzymes have given me more energy, better sleep and I am shedding weight fast. I’ve lost over 15 lbs in a couple months. It feels great and I like the compliments.         ~Steve H

Through changing my diet and taking enzymes I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my asthma, weight, mood, cravings and mild hypoglycemia. I no longer take any of the 8 puffs a day of Azmacort. I don’t use my albuterol broncho-dilator any more either, except when my diet is off. Since my transition to herbal support formulas two years ago I haven’t had a lung infection (used to have several per year).         ~Andy B, software engineer

I had depression for 5 years, chronic fatigue for 10 years, joint pain and body aches constantly. Now they’re all gone, gone, gone! I feel like my old self again. I have my energy back! I have to hold back the giggles of joy! It’s a miracle! This is the best birthday ever! Thank you!
Linda C

I had neck pain, back pain and anxiety for 20 years. Now I feel much less back pain and very, very little anxiety. This has changed my feelings inside completely.     ~Betsy F

I was fatigued, not sleeping well and had morning headaches. I was grumpy all the time and blaming it all on getting old. Dr. Rose did an assessment and made some very specific recommendations that seemed too simple to make a change. I was amazed - simply from changing my diet I’m sleeping very well and am no longer fatigued.        ~Jeff S, Half Moon Bay

My husband and I were trying to get pregnant without any success. We saw MD's, fertility specialists, counselors and no one could find anything wrong. Our next step was do the hormone injections. We saw Dr. Rose out of desperation. She did a thorough work up and realized that my having constant herpes could impact our sex life! I was taking acyclovir but it didn't help. Who knew that diet and supplements could help. No outbreaks in over 4 weeks which is great!        ~H.B. (who got pregnant 3 months later)

I was feeling awful during my second pregnancy and thought it was just normal. I knew there was no medical treatment to help. I saw Dr. Rose out of desperation. One chiropractic adjustment and my heartburn was gone! And the remedy for ankle swelling was magic. I didn't believe there was anything that could help ankle swelling. The supplements took it away in two days! I am so grateful for Dr. Rose's help in having a healthy, comfortable, wonderful pregnancy and delivery. And my hemorrhoids disappeared! -N.K. medical doctor

I had horrible morning sickness. I was queasy and throwing up for weeks and everyone said it's normal. But Dr. Rose made it go completely away in two days! I was amazed that it went away so quickly when I followed Dr. Rose's plan. -I.D., non-profit event planner

I was scared when I was diagnosed with HELLP, a type of pre-eclampsia, during my third trimester. I wanted to have a home birth and my doctor said I would need a C-section. I am so grateful Dr. Rose's treatment relieved the abdominal pain and fatigue and my doctor was shocked at how fast my labs improved.  I was able to have a normal delivery with no complications! -M.H.