Got Acne? | Holistic Health Care Offers Alternatives to the Pill

Have you tried every lotion and potion you can get your hands on to make your acne go away? Has your doctor suggested going on the pill? Many women struggling with chronic acne find taking birth control pills can lead to other symptoms like bloating, headaches and reduced libido. Holistic health care can help you…

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Considering the Pill for Acne? Consider Holistic Health Care First

Severe acne is difficult to live with. It can have a big impact on self-confidence, and it can be physically painful as well. When acne fails to respond to topical treatments, some women consider the pill as the next step toward clear skin. Holistic health care offers a deeper approach that may address the root…

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Perimenopause Symptoms and Your Hair | What You can Do

Are perimenopause symptoms making you want to pull your hair out? Or is it just falling out on its own? Hair loss is one of the perimenopause symptoms that many women struggle with. If you’re losing your hair, you might be wondering why this is happening and if there’s anything you can do to stop…

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