Perimenopause Symptoms | Coping With Depression

Do you know a woman in her 40’s who is starting to have symptoms like hot flashes, trouble sleeping, fatigue and weight gain?   Another symptom that be part of this package is depression. Unfortunately the link between shifting hormones and depression is often overlooked. A woman can end up on hormone therapy (or the…

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What you Need to Know About Trans Fats

Do you remember when you first heard that TRANS fats are bad for you? I remember as a child my sister was making whipped cream (from the raw milk we bought from a local farmer). Only this time it turned into a solid mass. Our parents recognized it – she had made butter! This was…

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Healthy Skin | Preventing Sun Damage (good sunscreens)

How can you protect your skin? In the previous article we looked at the importance of getting sun exposure (tanning, not burning) to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D, which is protective against skin cancer. We also looked at the most harmful sunscreen ingredients to avoid. Now let’s look at some of the safe options to…

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Painful Periods? | Herbal Alternatives to The Pill

If you are suffering from painful periods you may be leaning towards to pill to seek relief but don’t be fooled. What the pill offers in relief it gives back with difficult side effects.   Holistic health care takes a whole person approach, offering natural alternatives for painful periods. Herbal remedies used in holistic health care…

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On the Pill for Painful Periods? Magnesium May Help

Do you find yourself dreading “that time of the month” because you know you’ll be spending days in pain? For relief from PMS some women turn to the pill, but holistic health care may offer more appealing alternatives. The holistic health care approach can offer both relief and better overall health by addressing the underlying…

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Why Perimenopause is Worse for Some Women

Why is it that some women have life-altering perimenopause symptoms and others don’t? It seems quite unfair to those women that experience hot flashes, feel cranky, crave sweets and their libido has all but disappeared. Are you one of these women? Are you waking up every night from night sweats? It must be hard to…

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Depression and The Pill | Can Holistic Health Care Help?

If you are one of the millions of women that take the pill ever day, this blog post is for you! The pill can have serious side effects, one major one being depression. Holistic health care may be able to offer support for side effects from the pill. Or if you’re on the pill for…

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Kale and Dark Leafy Greens Your Family Will Love

We’ve all heard we should add more dark leafy greens to our diets. But the word that is often left out of that sentence is “dark”. The leafy greens that are most consumed – lettuce – unfortunately, are the lowest in nutrients. But greens like kale, collards, mustard greens and swiss chard are packed full…

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Is Your Make-up Contributing to Your Perimenopause Symptoms?

As awareness about perimenopause symptoms grow, more women are becoming aware of the symptoms of estrogen dominance. However you might be wondering, is where all of this estrogen is coming from?   Common household products, especially cosmetics and personal care products created  for women, contain chemicals that mimic the body’s natural estrogens known as environmental…

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What’s Missing in Your Diet Could Be Costing You Sleep

Are You Eating Enough Potassium? You may already know that incorporating more potassium into your diet can help regulate your blood pressure.But, did you know that potassium also works with magnesium to improve your sleep! If you ever wake in the middle of the night with muscle cramps this power combo can be super beneficial…

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Eating Well to Manage Perimenopause Symptoms

When you hear the word menopause, how many of you automatically think, “hot flash”? Can you even imagine going through menopause without them? Well, you can.   You’re probably wondering, how can this be? What can you do to make yourself more likely to be one of those women?   Like many health concerns, perimenopause…

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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

Sleep your way to a healthier you Your sleep needs can change depending on factors such as: infection stress strenuous physical activity sleep debt Make Time for Sleep Sometimes we tend to focus on everybody else in our families but ourselves. Take time for you, and this includes your sleep. For the next week try to…

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3 Weeks to Change Your Sleep

Finding it hard to get a couple hours of quality shuteye, let alone a full 8 hours? Well lucky for you there was a study conducted to determine ideal sleep durations for YOU and how to achieve it. Determining YOUR ideal sleep duration Ok so basically a th study conducted takes regular people and puts them in…

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Your Sleep & Wake Drive and Why They Are Important to Your Sleep

This blog post is based on the article published in Human Neurobiology by Dr. Alexander Borbely, describing a concept of how our sleep and wake our controlled by 2 processes. Process 1 Sleep pressure is the first process and is defined by the pressure for sleep that mounts from the minute you wake in the morning until your head hits…

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Are Some People Just Born Night Owls? The Truth About Insomnia

Some patients tell me they’re “naturally” night owls, and they just prefer to stay up late and sleep in. But the truth is that optimal sleep patterns don’t fall into the category of preference. We are hard-wired to sleep when it’s dark. And specifically, before 11pm. Over millions of years of human evolution sleep patterns…

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