Top 5 Lab Tests that Reveal Your Health Blind Spots

Is one of your goals this year is to improve your health? If so, you may have come across a trend called The Quantified Self. It is based on the Hawthorne Effect, the notion that we behave differently when watched. Put another way: when you track what you’re eating your choices become better. And when…

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Natural Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

With all the recent media hype about women choosing preventative mastectomies to avoid breast cancer, it’s hard to know what to believe, let alone what you yourself can do to prevent breast cancer. Surgical removal of your breasts in the absence of disease is a radical choice that’s not appropriate for the vast majority of…

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The Pill and Cancer Risks | Holistic Health Care Alternatives

“The pill” is the most commonly prescribed form of birth control, but some doctors prescribe it for other common conditions related to hormone balance.   Birth control pills have been classified as carcinogenic by The World Health Organization. The pills with combined estrogen and progestin (as well as combined-hormone HRT), specifically, have been labeled as…

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