Sunscreens | Find Out if Yours Could CAUSE Skin Cancer

  There are two primary types of sunscreens – chemical agents and physical blocks. “Physical blocks” sit on the surface of the skin. Typically these are not absorbed and have been shown to be non-reactive with UV light. Since they are not absorbed there is no concern about them building up in the body, being stored…

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Healthy Skin | Getting Tan is Safer than Sunscreen

Our relationship with the sun is complex. Should we relax in the sun to obtain Vitamin D or shun the sun to avoid skin cancer? The very rays (UV-B) that increase our risk for cancer by causing sunburn are also responsible for producing Vitamin D, which is protective against cancer. So how do get the…

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what causes acne, natural remedies for skin, how to improve skin

What Your Skin is Trying to Tell You About Your Health

In the first article in this series we looked at some common skin complaints like acne, rosacea, skin tags, bump, wrinkles, spots and dryness. This article dives deeper into some of the underlying imbalances that cause these symptoms. The Gut Biome The balance of organisms in your intestines is analogous to a rain forest. Ideally…

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Post-Holiday Blahs? | You Need to Know This Before Doing a Detox

“Detox” programs are being promoted as a cure-all but they need to be approached with caution. There is no miracle remedy that will erase the results of years (or even weeks) of convenience food, rich restaurant fare and medications. If you have spent any time on the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) of coffee and bagels…

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Spicy Glazed Nuts Recipe | Great Snack or Salad Topper

At first glance this recipe might look like a dessert, since it calls for sugar. But this recipe uses sugar as a seasoning rather than a main ingredient. There is about 1 tsp of sugar in each 1/4 cup serving, which is a good sized snack. If you’re using it as a salad topping you’ll…

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Tips for Surviving the Holidays | Size Does Matter

Size does matter…the size of your plate that is. Let’s face it the Holidays can be an all out eating marathon. With work, friend and family parties it’s hard to find an event that DOESN’T include an oh-so-tempting smorgasbord of sugary confections. Looking for some simple methods to manage the madness and avoid stress and…

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The Best Butternut Squash Soup for a Wet, Rainy Day

My favorite recipe is 3 sentences long. I got it years ago from the newsletter that came in my weekly CSA* box, Two Small Farms. I laughed when I read it. It went like this: “Microwave 2 or 3 Butternut Squash. Saute lots of garlic and lots of onions in olive oil and butter. Add…

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Don't be fooled by your grocery store, gluten free, what's hiding in your food

Confused about Which Foods Contain Gluten? Here’s the List.

Which Common Foods Contain Gluten? Gluten gives baked goods their doughy-ness. So it appears in many foods, some obvious and some not so obvious. So the list of foods containing gluten is a long one. Don’t be alarmed. Now that awareness about gluten-intolerance is rising there are many ways to make food gluten free –…

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why can't I poop?, constipation, gas, bloating

Want a Quick Strategy for Improved, Energy and Health?

Get your bowels moving! I’m not kidding. This probably isn’t something you talk about in casual conversation but it’s one of the basic bodily functions that has to be in working order for you to feel good. I don’t mean just from a comfort stand point. I mean: In order for you to be healthy…

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no more campbell's soup, progresso is not real soup, healthy,easy,soup,recipe

A Yummy Way to Improve Your Health (and your cooking)

Remember that old wives’ tale about chicken soup being good for? It’s true – as long as you use a really good bone broth as a base. Bone broth is a one of the best ways of adding vital minerals and vitamins to your diet in a easily absorbable form. The minerals are essential building blocks…

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Trouble Sleeping? What You Need to Know Before Taking Ambien

Are you frustrated that you’re not able to sleep through the night? Headlines tells us that lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and more frequent colds. So it is smart to find out all you can about getting a good night’s sleep. Trouble sleeping is a common complaint – affecting 69%…

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What are the Lab Tests for Gluten Intolerance?

If you suspect you have a problem with gluten, in can be confusing to know how to find out for sure. Gluten Intolerance is not as black and white as once thought. It used to be thought that only someone with Celiac Disease needed to avoid gluten. Recent studies have confirmed what many individuals have figured…

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Yes, Angelina, There is a Cancer Cause. And it’s Not Your Genes.

Yes, Angelina, there is a Cancer Cause… and it’s not your genes.   According to the National Cancer Institute the estimated risk of cancer from having a ‘faulty’ BRCA gene is likely to be inaccurate due to the way in which the studies were performed. The studies were on families with many individuals affected by a variety…

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triathlons, running, exercise, sitting, smoking, healthy, active, lifestyle

Why Sitting is the New Smoking

I’m sure you know physical activity is a key ingredient to good health. What you may not know is that sitting for a long time is harmful to your health even if you are exercising regularly. Who is at Risk from Sitting Too Much? The typical adult in the U.S. sits for 6 hour per…

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Do You Really Need to Avoid Gluten?

Wondering what all the buzz is about gluten and if you should avoid it? Let’s talk about what gluten is and why it’s a problem for so many people. What is Gluten? Gluten is the large, sticky, complex protein found in several grains that provide the chewy, tender texture to bread, pasta and other flour…

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