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What you Need to Know About Trans Fats

Do you remember when you first heard that TRANS fats are bad for you? I remember as a child my sister was making whipped cream (from the raw milk we bought from a local farmer). Only this time it turned into a solid mass. Our parents recognized it – she had made butter! This was…

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Healthy Skin | Preventing Sun Damage (good sunscreens)

How can you protect your skin? In the previous article we looked at the importance of getting sun exposure (tanning, not burning) to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D, which is protective against skin cancer. We also looked at the most harmful sunscreen ingredients to avoid. Now let’s look at some of the safe options to…

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Sunscreens | Find Out if Yours Could CAUSE Skin Cancer

  There are two primary types of sunscreens – chemical agents and physical blocks. “Physical blocks” sit on the surface of the skin. Typically these are not absorbed and have been shown to be non-reactive with UV light. Since they are not absorbed there is no concern about them building up in the body, being stored…

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Healthy Skin | Getting Tan is Safer than Sunscreen

Our relationship with the sun is complex. Should we relax in the sun to obtain Vitamin D or shun the sun to avoid skin cancer? The very rays (UV-B) that increase our risk for cancer by causing sunburn are also responsible for producing Vitamin D, which is protective against cancer. So how do get the…

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Is Your Leaky Gut Causing Your Brain to Leak?

If you haven’t heard of leaky guy, or intestinal permeability before, it is when the lining of your digestive tract becomes porous and then allows undigested food, toxins, and other pathogens into your bloodstream. Leaky Gut When this happens this pathogens trigger your immune system to release inflammatory compounds. In return these pathogens increase the…

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the truth behind sugar, what sugar is actually doing to your body

What Sugar is Really Doing to Your Brain

A study published by UCLA confirms what you probably have suspected all along: Eating too much sugar is wrecking our brains. Scientists found that just six weeks of bingeing on sodas and sweets sabotages our learning and memory. Fortunately for us, science is also showing that consuming Omega-3 fatty acids can actually counteract some of the…

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The Importance of Keeping A Food Log For Your Health

So one thing we constantly tell our patients, “Keep a diet log!” Finally we are revealing why and its for big three reasons. Reason #1 | Aids Weight Loss Diet research shows those who keep  a food log lose up to 30 to 50% more weight than people who don’t. Why you ask? It keeps…

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Why Breakfast is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day

We know your morning is busy, between the kids, husband, wife, your phone ringing off the hook and your email box overflowing breakfast is the last thing on your mind. You make the same excuses time after time, to rushed, not hungry, nothing to eat, well it’s time to break this habit once and for…

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Chronic Acid Reflux Symptoms | What You Need to Know About PPIs

Many sufferers of chronic acid reflux symptoms seek relief through medication. But are these medications safe for long term use? And do they address the underlying cause of your acid reflux?   What is a PPI? The safety of long term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Prilosec and Nexium, has come into question.…

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Acid Reflux Symptoms | Can You Stomach the Truth?

It makes sense to assume that acid is the problem behind acid reflux symptoms. If you’ve experienced heart burn, or felt stomach acid reach the back of your throat, you’re all the more likely to agree with this idea. But the truth is that acid is not the culprit behind your acid reflux symptoms.  …

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Is Your Alcohol Intake Contributing to Your Acid Reflux Symptoms?

Do you enjoy having a couple drinks when you’re out with your friends? There’s no harm in that, right? Well, even having a few drinks may not be a good option for people who suffer from acid reflux symptoms.   Alcohol is actually a major offender when it comes to acid reflux symptoms. A mucous…

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Don't be fooled by your grocery store, gluten free, what's hiding in your food

Acid Reflux Symptoms | The Best Gluten Alternatives

Have you noticed more gluten-free products appearing on the shelves at your local grocery store lately? Awareness about gluten intolerance is growing, with good reason. Did you know that common problems like acid reflux symptoms can be caused by gluten intolerance? Where is Gluten Hiding? Gluten is found in foods like bread, pasta, pizza, cookies,…

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Painful Periods? | Herbal Alternatives to The Pill

If you are suffering from painful periods you may be leaning towards to pill to seek relief but don’t be fooled. What the pill offers in relief it gives back with difficult side effects.   Holistic health care takes a whole person approach, offering natural alternatives for painful periods. Herbal remedies used in holistic health care…

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How to Stop Gallbladder Symptoms by Dropping Processed Food

Gallbladder symptoms are linked with dietary habits like eating too much processed foods. While many of us already know that fresh foods are better, it can be difficult to give up processed convenience foods.   Eliminating processed foods from your diet is important for avoiding gallbladder symptoms, and other health concerns, for two main reasons.…

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On the Pill for Painful Periods? Magnesium May Help

Do you find yourself dreading “that time of the month” because you know you’ll be spending days in pain? For relief from PMS some women turn to the pill, but holistic health care may offer more appealing alternatives. The holistic health care approach can offer both relief and better overall health by addressing the underlying…

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